GeForce2 MX: FAQs


Why has NVIDIA decided to enter the Apple market?

What Apple systems will the GeForce2 MX be available in?

Will the GeForce2 MX be available as a retail solution?

When will GeForce2 MX-based Mac products be available?

Does NVIDIA see the Apple announcement as being a significant growth opportunity?

Does the GeForce2 MX support Apple's proprietary graphics connector, the Apple Display connector?

What are the anticipated Macintosh configurations and what are their estimated costs?

Was the Geforce2 MX designed with the Mac in mind?

Do you plan to support Mac products with your future graphics chips?

Will NVIDIA support OS X?

Do you support/accelerate QuickDraw and 3D RAVE?

Do you support/accelerate Quicktime video playback?

Will the GPU support both PCI and AGP for the Mac?

What had to be changed in your GPU to add support for the Macintosh?

Will your unified driver architecture support the Macintosh platform?

Does the Apple version of the MX board support Digital Vibrance Control?

What have you done to your product to account for the differences in the Mac platform and PC platform?

Does the MX support software DVD?

What types of displays will the MX support?

What Macintosh – APIs or Mac specific applications will be supported/accelerated by your drivers?

When will the GeForce2 MX™ GPU be available?

What can end users expect of the GeForce2 MX?

What is Digital Vibrance Control?

What is TwinView?

What does MX stand for?

How many different versions of GeForce2 MX will there be?

Does this TwinView capability include digital solutions?

Will the GeForce2 MX need any external modules to support digital flat panels?

Does the GeForce2 MX support multiple monitors for one computer?

Does the GeForce2 MX have DVD capabilities?

What memory types does GeForce2 MX support?

Will there be an AGP and PCI version of the GPU?

Will there be an NVIDIA-based Macintosh board in retail?

How does the performance of the GeForce2 MX compare to NVIDIA's other GPUs?

Will the GeForce2 MX include the NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer (NSR)?

Is the High-Definition Video Processor (HDVP) in the GeForce2 MX the same as the one in the GeForce2 GTS?

What is the quality of DVD and HDTV in the GeForce2 MX?

Do the Detonator drivers support the GeForce 2MX?

Which CPU processors does the GeForce2 MX support?

How do you run Quake3 in 32C/16Z mode?