Games: Messiah


Developer: Shiny Entertainment
Publisher: Interplay
ESRB: Mature
Street Price: $14.99
Genre: Action

Bob is a working-class angel ordered by God to clean up the sleazy world of the future and destroy Satan. He has been given the power of possession so that he can sneak up on any person, animal or genetically engineered being and leap right into their soul!

With the player's help, Bob can then use their bodies, their weapons, or even their bare hands to strangle, cripple, impale and incinerate the cities of sinners created to stop him from finding Satan. Hiding in their souls, Bob can use these sinners' bodies against their wills as armor (to take pain for him), or he can use them for camouflage (to hide inside them) and pretend to be just another twisted citizen in the Messiah world. It's a world where Bob makes up the rules!

Messiah takes full advantage of the second generation transform and lighting engines in GeForce2 GTS, allowing the scalable architecture to display upwards of 50,000 polygons per frame!

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