GPU Technology Conference
GPU Technology Conference


Conferencia sobre Tecnología para la GPU
24-27 de marzo de 2014 | San José, California

Un público procedente de más de 50 países viajará a la GTC para conocer el extraordinario poder del cálculo paralelo.

Acude a este gran evento con otros científicos, desarrolladores, artistas gráficos, diseñadores, investigadores, ingenieros y responsables de TI de todo el mundo para:

  • Disfrutar de innoviación y contenido revolucionarios
  • Escuchar relatos de éxitos notables en la implementación de GPUs
  • Aprender de las mentes más brillantes en cálculo y visualización paralelos
  • Colaborar con colegas y visionarios


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"Unbelievable, to see in the same place financial engineers, physicians, astrophysicists, game creators..... It is the only event in the world where you can see all those talented people!!!"
- Jonathan Lellouche, Quantitativer Analyst, MUREX

"It was a high energy event, excellent quality of attendees and a great opportunity to have some insight on nVidia's roadmap. Looking forward to next year!"
- Rami Mukhtar, Project Leader, NICTA

"Very well organized – a great conference!"
- Guido Juckeland, Senior Systems Engineer (HPC), Leader Hardware Accelerator Group, TU Dresden - ZIH

"I work in this area of research and it is always of great use to me to see what the latest technology has to offer and to network with new people and catch up with those I already know."
- Vladimir Glavchev, Advanced Technologies Engineer, BMW Group

"NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference isn't your usual tech event. It's much more like an academic conference, where the cutting edge of parallel programming is getting together to exchange ideas and to show the world just what general purpose GPU development is capable of delivering. Walk the halls between the conference sessions, and what you see are the hallmark of academia: conference posters that condense complex research topics into an A0 LaTeX printout. They're fascinating pieces of work, covering computational biology, image processing, computational fluid dynamics, linear algebra, logic simulation, the list goes on –but there's one thing they all have in common, they're the underpinnings of our modern world."
- ZDNet UK