Games: Citizen Kubuto: Giants


Developer: Planet Moon Studios
Publisher: Interplay
ESRB: Mature
Street Price: $39.99
Genre: Action

Eat, burn, drown, kidnap, and generally bury your victims as one of three characters: the Meccaryns from space, the mysterious Sea Reapers, and even the Giant! Each has unique strengths, weaknesses, and weapons. Use the island's feeble-minded species to create weapons, vehicles, traps, or just use them as an energy source (you know, as a snack).

Manipulate the landscape to create insurmountable obstacles. Literally destroy the ground under your enemy's feet. Characters take their creations and experience from level to level, to aid in future battles. Multiplayer mayhem ensues when you and your friends select your favorite species and fight to determine superiority! Giants takes full advantage of the second generation transform and lighting engines in the GeForce2 GPU by displaying huge numbers of polygons with advanced shader effects.

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