Games: Aquanox


Developer: Massive Development
Publisher: Fishtank Interactive
Street Price: TBA
Genre: Shooter

It is the year 2666. Humans live in huge habitats at the depths of the oceans. The mercenary Emerald "Dead Eye" Flint fights his way through a heart-stopping three-dimensional underwater world, complete with mountain ranges, endless caves, glittering underwater cities, and dreadful giant monsters crawling out of the depths to exact their revenge on mankind. Flint participates in glorious battles and action-crammed underwater dogfights.

Massive Development, the creators of AquaNox, utilized the innovative vertex and pixel shading abilities of the NVIDIA GeForce3 to craft photo-realistic environments and unique surfaces for their much-anticipated title. With NVIDIA's latest graphics processing unit (GPU), the organic textures and minute details of a complex underwater world come vividly to life.

AquaNox leverages the GeForce3 nfiniteFX engine to deliver photo-realism in real time. Over 160 Vertex Shaders are used to implement special effects such as layered fog, caustics, photo-realistic materials, radiosity lighting, and real-time shadows. Higher order surfaces are used to create organic enemies, and Pixel Shaders are utilized for bump mapping and volumetric lighting effects.

"Massive Development has been working closely with NVIDIA to expose the awesome power of GeForce3 in their forthcoming title AquaNox," said Sanford Russell, Senior Director of Partner Management at NVIDIA. "Geforce3's nfiniteFX™ engine has enabled Massive Development to bring real-time Hollywood quality to their game. Only by using NVIDIA's hardware Vertex Shaders and Pixel Shaders, are they able to achieve their unique lighting solution at great frame rates. AquaNox and its technology, the krass™engine impressed us! NVIDIA looks forward to working with Massive Development again in the future to take games and gamers to the next level."

"Massive Development have designed AquaNox to have great game play and be graphically superior from the beginning," said Alexander Jorias, Managing Director at Massive Development. "By adding programmable Vertex and Pixel Shaders to our LOD terrain and battle subs, Massive Development and NVIDIA are creating an exciting new generation of gaming. When we ran AquaNox on GeForce3, we were blown away by the stunning realism that we witnessed. We saw the birth of the first game ever that delivers photo-realism at 60 fps."

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