Final Fantasy Technology Demo

At SIGGRAPH 2001 NVIDIA unveiled the *Square Final Fantasy Technology Demo. Running on an NVIDIA Quadro DCC, the demo exemplifies interactive real-time 3D rendering on a standard computing platform.

Check out the incomparable power of the NVIDIA Quadro solutions in the following Final Fantasy Demo facts.




The average time it took to render a single frame in the Final Fantasy Technology Demo was less than one-tenth of a second, compared to the 90 minutes it took in the movie, Final Fantasy The Spirits Within!

The number of polygons it took to create Aki in real time is greater than 60 highly detailed models in Quake III.

There are nearly 1.5 million vertices rendered every second just to create the hair in the demo. That is more than the average number of hairs on the human head!

Before the introduction of NVIDIA's nFiniteFX engine, vertex shading effects, like the ones in the movie Final Fantasy, were so computationally complex they could only be processed offline using server farms consisting of thousands of CPUs.

The floating point performance of the NVIDIA Quadro DCC used to render a single frame in the tech demo, is greater than the total compute power of a Cray Supercomputer.
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