Games: Evolva


Developer: Computer Artworks
Publisher: Interplay
ESRB: Mature
Street Price: $9.99
Genre: Action

Evolva is a tactical shooter for the PC, immersing the player in a visually stunning 3D world of rich gameplay.

Evolva sees the player having to fight against an alien parasite that has infected a planet. This parasite has an army of guardians to protect it and they will have to be stopped if the player is to be able to ultimately stop the parasite itself. The player takes control of a team of customizable creatures called Genohunters and guides them through a unique gaming world that mixes the excitement of a fast paced shoot-em-up with the tactical elements of a strategy game.

Driven by Computer Artworks' A-Life technology, this world and its alien inhabitants form a challenging, living environment. Evolva is fully optimized for the GeForce2 GTS and employs the NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer for spectacular effects.

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