Games: Everglade Rush


Developer: Firetoad Software
Publisher: TBA
Street Price: TBA
Genre: Racing

In Everglade Rush you find yourself deep in the Everglade swamplands with a pocketful of bills, in anticipation of something a little different—something more than just stock cars and formula racers. A stout man in overalls grabs you, looks at your stature, and indicates that you meet his approval. He signals for your money and you hand it over with a hint of hesitation. He then scurries into his shack and unveils the most retched looking craft you have ever seen. With a sarcastic smile you exclaim, "I'll win it all with that piece of work!"

Everglade Rush uses the nfiniteFX engine to render over 100,000 polygons per frame. Vertex Shaders are utilized for a shiny, bumpy reflection on the hovercraft, and to create an environment map that is updated in every single frame, which gives a stunning reflection on the water as the craft cruises over it.

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