Games: Colin McRae Rally 2


Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Codemasters
Street Price: $29.99
Genre: Racing

Colin McRae Rally 2 delivers jaw-dropping visuals, detailed cars and incredible scenery, created with actual photographic data. Drive hard, contend with the constantly changing weather and take the cars to the edge of control.

Featuring Scottish-born racer Colin McRae's Ford Focus, among six other cars, the high-end rally driving experience and the unparalleled car handling takes you through exotic locations such as Greece and Indonesia. The game also introduces a ground-breaking arcade game mode, and offers five dynamic camera angles to view the action.

According to Richard Darling, Creative Director of Codemasters, "Now that NVIDIA has released Geforce2 Ultra, users will get an even faster, more realistic racing experience that will surpass the FMV used in the Playstation version."

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