User Review: Giants


PC Game
Jon Paul Duncan

(1 eye=worst | 5 eyes=best)

Giants was such an in-depth experience for me. I especially enjoyed the fact that the game is almost a cross between a F.P.S. and a R.T.S. This mix is what really had me "hooked." The game itself was not too incredibly difficult; however, it was incredibly long, and it did tend to bog down my machine. That is, until I upgraded from a 32mb GeForce2 MX on the Hercules board to a 64mb DDR Tornado GeForce2. My new card can suffice. I’ve encouraged my friends that they have a beefy machine if they want to play Giants. It is a massive, processor-intensive game. I loved it and recommend it to anyone else who likes Half-Life and Age of Empires because it is basically the interface that this game is built on.