How does NVIDIA's antialiasing compare with 3dfx's?

Created: April 26, 2000
How does NVIDIA's antialiasing compare with 3dfx's?

3dfx's antialiasing requires multiple VSA-100 chips to even begin to get any antialiasing benefits. The GeForce2 GTS architecture supports full-scene antialiasing on a single chip, continuing NVIDIA's tradition of enabling industry leading features and complete implementations on a single chip. Additionally, the 3dfx's approach of relying on multiple chips with independent frame buffers faces additional storage challenges, as textures are replicated across chips, chewing up valuable storage. A 64MB GeForce2 GTS video card delivers a full 64MB solution to the end-user, unlike the Voodoo5 6000, whose 128MB video card is only 54.5 MB of effective memory.